Tstreet Roadhouse Opens on Teller Street In Belmar of Lakewood

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Tstreet Roadhouse Opens on Teller Street In Belmar of Lakewood

Tstreet Roadhouse Opens on Teller Street In Belmar of Lakewood

The latest Roadhouse Hospitality Group project, Tstreet Roadhouse, opens in Lakewood on March 30


LAKEWOOD, Colo. – March 28, 2016 – On March 30, a new Roadhouse Hospitality Group restaurant will open its doors in Lakewood, Colo. Roadhouse Hospitality Group, which owns and operates 18 restaurants around the state including Spanky’s Urban Roadhouse and the new Roadhouse Boulder Depot, will open Tstreet Roadhouse on Teller Street, showcasing the popular and well-respected Roadhouse culture while also incorporating elements that are unique to this establishment and Belmar.

Located in the middle of Belmar of Lakewood, a community hub for shopping, dining and entertainment, Tstreet Roadhouse offers visitors and residents alike a Colorado born and bred contemporary kitchen-style atmosphere that is unique to Belmar.

We are very excited about the location. Belmar, in the last five years, has come full circle,” said Dan Shipp, co-owner of Tstreet Roadhouse. “Belmar is vibrant and is the best of what Lakewood has to offer, while Tstreet Roadhouse is a restaurant that brings a new flavor to the area.”   

Tstreet’s menu will feature Roadhouse classics such as the Roadhouse burger, signature flatbreads and salads that have become customer favorites at other Roadhouse Hospitality Group restaurants as well as new dishes that are tailored specifically for Tstreet’s personality and character. Some additions include oysters, steak and fish, offering a more elevated dining experience while retaining the values of the Roadhouse brand. 

Aesthetically, the restaurant drew its inspiration from a modern kitchen, which are illustrated through the urban finishes and cool color palette. Design details make customers feel as if they’re sitting in a chef’s gourmet home kitchen while enjoying all that Tstreet Roadhouse has to offer.

With restaurants across the Front Range and in several mountain communities, Roadhouse Hospitality Group and the Shipp brothers have created a brand heavily influenced by the Colorado lifestyle. Customers will enjoy the best elements of the Roadhouse brand, like hospitality and impeccable service, while experiencing the individuality and one of a kind ambiance of Tstreet. 

“Because of the success we had with other Roadhouse restaurants we were excited with the opportunity to be a part of another energetic Colorado community,” said Shipp. “We can’t wait to deliver a diverse Roadhouse restaurant created specifically for Belmar and the Lakewood community.”

About Tstreet Roadhouse
Located in the Belmar area of Lakewood, Tstreet is a contemporary, yet casual, kitchen-style gathering place for residents and visitors of Belmar. Rooted in the Colorado born and bred Roadhouse concept and receiving constant innovation by Roadhouse Hospitality Group, patrons of Tstreet will enjoy tried nd true Roadhouse favorites like the famous “Roadhouse Burger” complemented by more upscale menu items such as fresh oysters. True to its Roadhouse roots, Tstreet is an inviting and customer service focused dining experience making it the perfect place to meet friends, relax and enjoy Belmar.

About Roadhouse Hospitality Group
Roadhouse Hospitality Group, a Colorado Restaurant Group, was founded by brothers Terry, Dan, Mike, and John Shipp. The brothers’ core values have always been built on the three basic principles of Customer Service, Quality and Community. The brothers got their start in 1991 when they purchased their first restaurant, a small burger and shake joint called Spanky’s Roadhouse. Located in the heart of the DU area, this restaurant has evolved and thrived for the last 24 years. The group currently owns and manages 18 restaurants and 600 employees with a variety of themes and menus. The Roadhouse brand was conceived to set the tone for quality and service that guests can expect at all Roadhouse restaurants.