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Belmar is an extraordinary example of the conversion of older regional mall (the former Villa Italia) into a true urban downtown district for the greater community. The district is one of the most complete integrations of retail, employment, residential and civic/cultural uses in the country.

Contemporary in design, Belmar is rooted in the principles of good urbanism and incorporates a variety of green building and sustainable design elements.

Often recognized as a national model for sustainable development and smart growth principles, Belmar continues to evolve as an industry leader.


Belmar is dedicated to energy-use reduction and the responsible use of limited natural resources. Here are some of the many ways that Belmar works towards sustainability.

Solar Power
More solar panels than any retail center in America...
Belmar maintains 8,370 solar panels producing more than 2.3 million megawatts of electrical energy annually

Silver LEED Certified
Belmarís Silver LEED certified buildings are home to environmentally conscious tenants including Whole Foods, Target, Best Buy and Nordstrom Rack

Carbon Emissions Reduction
220 mature trees provide air pollution mitigation and shade buildings to of fossil fuels burned to produce electricity. Carbon emissions are reduced through multi-modal access including extended bus lines, bike lanes and a new light rail station (early 2013 opening)

Wind Farm
Belmarís urban wind farm generates 700-900 kilowatt hours of electric power per month


Sustainable style tips:
1. Drive less, walk more: Cut down on fuel usage. Walk to the places instead of taking your car that are close by.

2. Re-use, re-use, re-use: Re-use the plastic or paper bags you get every time you shop. They are good for more than one trip or, even better, bring your own bag!

3. Re-cycle: Do you have a recycling collection service? If not, look for local recycling places and drop off your bottles, newspapers, cans, etc next time you are in the neighborhood. For bigger items, if they're still usable, check out for a group near you.

4. Love your local farmers: Local produce is the best, especially if it's bought fresh from a farmer's market or from a store that highlights "locally grown" produce. The big difference is in the taste.

5. Turn it off: Turn off unused appliances at the socket. When in standby mode, they still use energy. Cut your fuel bills by turning off radios, computers, televisions, and other items when they're not in use.

6. Keep it cool: Wash your clothes at a lower temperature. Modern detergents work just fine at the colder temperatures.

7. Turn it down: Turn down your thermostat in the colder winter months and turn up the a/c in the summer.

8. Recycle household items: Donate old clothes to places like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Use rechargeable batteries. Organize a neighborhood yard sale to sell items others can use!

9. Water is so important: Invest in a water-saving showerhead. Take shorter baths or showers. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.